My Star Wars Gallery

This page is somewhere to put pictures of various Star Wars things. There will be photos of models I've made, and some of my Star Wars action figures, if I happen to take any pictures that particularly please or amuse me. Wander through the gallery and enjoy.

Wedge's Bacta War Fighter

I've made about three X-wings from model kits over the years. The last one I decided to paint to match the colour scheme that Wedge chooses for his ship in 'The Bacta War':
"Make everything from the cockpit back black, including the s-foils, and give me a green-and-gold checked pattern on the front fuselage."

I later sent it as a gift to Astronut, who made me the lovely fiction banners I have on this site. I forgot to take photos before packing and sending it, so had to ask her to take some for me after it arrived.

It's a standard kit. so the astromech is an R2 unit, instead of an R5. I think the colour scheme works well: it's very striking.

I angled the line between the black and the checks to follow the angle of the rear part of the canopy window at the side.

I have another kit to build; I might paint in the red, white and black of Tycho's ship. Or I could just paint it pure white and claim that it's actually Ooryl's ultraviolet masterpiece.